Control Panel

Hub is the control panel of a security system. The hub manages all Ajax devices, operates security modes, and in case of a threat, notifies an alarm response centre as well as you.

Hub 2

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Video Streaming

Motion Detectors

Detectors identify threats immediately: door opening, window breaking, and the presence of trespassers on the premises. Use MotionCam detectors to see the reason of a motion alarm.

MotionCam Outdoor

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Smart motion detection
Photo Verification
175m2 Detection area
Hood Included

MotionCam Indoor

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Smart motion detection
Photo Verification


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Smart motion detection


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Opening detector

Fire & flood protection

Fire detectors protect you and your belongings from fire by promptly reacting to smoke or sharp temperature rise. Whilst LeaksProtect raises the alarm with the first flood signs of a flood.


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Smoke detector
Temperature Detector


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Flood detector
Notifies when the water dries up

Controls & buttons

Arm the premises, open gates, and turn the lights off with one tap. And if you are threatened, use the button to call for help and notify your family about the danger.


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Wall mounted touchpad
Activates a silent alarm if you’re forced to enter the code
Indicates secuirty codes


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Contactless key fob
Simultaneously works with 13 hubs
Guest access

Pass Card

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Contactless key card
Simultaneously works with 13 hubs
Guest access


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Two modes: panic / control button
Dust and splash protection
Accidental activation protection


Sirens scare-off intruders with a loud alarm and attract the attention of neighbors.


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Reinforced street siren
LED indication of system state
Adjustable volume: 85 to 113 dB


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Compact home siren
Connnect additional LED lights

Indoor Security System

Outdoor Security System

Complete Security System

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