Hub 2

For domestic and commercial security

Security system control panel. Always in touch via cables and cellular networks.

Anti sabbotage

Video Streaming

Photo Verification

Automated security

Easy set-up

Multiple Comms channels

Always in touch — via cables and LTE

Communication with the outside world is critical for the security system control panel. Its reliability and stability guarantee timely alarm transmission to the security company and users.

Hub 2 can be simultaneously connected to three Internet service providers — via Ethernet cable and 2G, 3G, and LTE 2 cellular networks. The automatic switching between channels takes seconds.

Automated security

Hub 2 allows for 32 scenarios and minimises the impact of human factor on security. The hub can arm and disarm a facility or a group by schedule. Instantly activate a smoke machine if someone enters the premises. Blackout the premises and turn on emergency lighting in case of fire. Or shut off the water in case of a leak. Control lights, electric locks, roller shutters, and garage doors.

Resistant to sabotage

Whatever happens to Hub 2 Plus, alarm monitoring company and users will get a notification about it. A tamper alarm goes off when intruders try to unmount the device. If Ajax Cloud server loses connection with a hub, it’ll send a notification in just 60 seconds thanks to short ping intervals. Even during a blackout, Hub 2 Plus will continue to protect premises for up to 15 hours powered by a built-in backup battery.

Device polling period from 12 seconds Detection of hub connection loss in 60 seconds Operation on backup battery up to 16 hours

Tech Specs

Classification Security system control panel
Maximum connected devices 100
Installation method Indoors
Video surveilence support 25 cameras and DVR's
Max no. of connected devices Up to 100
Maximum scenarios 32
Mobile support iOS 13.0 and later / Android 5.0 and later
Communication channels 2 sim cards
Swithcing between 2G, 3G, LTE Instant
Switching between sim cards Up to 4 minutes
Alarm delivery time 0.15s
Warranty 24 months
Weight 362g
Power Supply 110-240 V with pre-installed battery 6 V with alternative 6V PSU power supply
Operating temperature range From -10°c to +40°c
Anti-sabbotage Forgery prevention
Notifications about jamming
Tamper to detect back lid opening and unmounting from SmartBracket
Dimensions 163 × 163 × 36 mm

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