Motioncam Vs Ring

What are the main differences and similarities between the two market best sellers for professional and casual security?

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Despite both being created to fulfil a similar purpose in similar markets. There are a number of differences in hardware and functionality that show exactly why AJAX solidifies itself as professional security and Ring Doorbell as a casual security camera.

The main difference is that Ring’s primary use is as the name suggests, to be a doorbell. It acts as eyes and ears and a voice for people approaching your property. And whilst it does act as a deterrent by just being there, the Ring Doorbell does not have any specific properties pertaining to scaring away intruders.

The MotionCam on the other hand is designed specially as a security system to act as a deterrent, capture live images and link to security alarms to scare away intruders. It can be paired with a siren to alert yourself inside the house (HomeSiren) and one to scare intruders outside (StreetSiren).

MotionCam and StreetSiren in action.

Another distinct difference that shows the gap between professional and casual security is MotionCam’s anti-sabotage measures. This means that if somebody attempts to remove the device, or cover it up you’ll get an instant notification. AJAX firmware also prevents signal jamming and digital forgery.

Lastly, MotionCam has a number of handy features to make life and security easier. For instance, pets and swaying trees can both be ignored therefore reducing false alarms. And AJAX scenarios help you to build automation into your security system.

So what are the similarities? Well, both can capture live video, are controllable from smart devices and both link to a hub inside of your house via WiFi. However, MotionCam can also operate via ethernet, LTE and 2G cellular systems, making it perfect for domestic and commercial security.

Have a look at our tech spec breakdown below.

Ajax MotioCam Ring doorbell
AJAX MotionCam Ring® Doorbell
Battery life Up to 3 years Up to 12 months
Field of view 105° 155°
Sensors Camera & Infared Camera & Infared
Detection distance Adjustable from 3m to 15m Adjustable from 1m to 9m
IR Backlight Yes No
HDR Camera Yes Yes
Pet immunity Animals up to 80 cm tall No
Size 206 × 108 × 93 mm 126 × 62 × 28 mm
Operating temp range From –25°С to +60°С From –20°С to +40°С
Weather resistance IP55 Protection Weather resistant
Power supply 4 × CR123A batteries Built in battery
Temperature warning Yes Yes
Anti-Sabotage Anti-masking
Protection against forgery
Jamming detection
Warranty 2 years 1 year